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Airport Information



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Airport Check-In Counter and Terminal Information
AreaLocation of China Airlines' Check-In Counters
  • Terminal 1: All flights (excluding flights to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and China)
  • Terminal 2: Flights to the U.S., Canada, Australia, Japan, and China
  • Counter 6, International Terminal
  • Blocks A/B/C, International Terminal
  • China Airlines Counters
Southeast Asia
  • Counter S
  • Check-In Counter: Row F, Terminal 1
  • Self Check-In Counter (kiosks): Rows D, E, F, and G
  • Transfer Counter: Arrival Level (L5) E1 counter 34
  • Counters in rows K, L, or M, Terminal 3
  • No. 18-24 of counter B, 3rd floor, International Terminal
  • Counters D6-D12, Terminal 2
  • Island B, Counters 14-20, Terminal 3
  • Row G, Departures floor, Main Terminal Building
  • Counters 37- 41, 3rd floor, Terminal 1
  • Counters 29-34
  • Check-in:  China Airlines counters 4-7
  • No.12 - 15, Counter Row B, Departure Hall, Terminal 1
  • China Airlines flights (CI782/CI784) are at row L
  • Mandarin Airlines flights (AE1858) are at row H
  • Terminal 3
  • International Check-In Area
  • Counters 12-16
Northeast Asia
  • International terminal - Counter E
  • Internatinal terminal (only one counter available for international flight)
  • Japan Airlines counters 3, 5, 6, and 7, International Check-In Area
  • 3rd floor, International Check-In Area
  • International Terminal
  • Terminal 1 counter:  H
  • International Check-In Area
  • 1st floor, International Terminal (3-minute walk from the Domestic Terminal)
  • International Terminal
  • International Check-In Area
  • International Check-In Area
  • International Check-In Area
  • Departure Lobby, Terminal 2
  • No. 4-8 of counter C, 2nd Departures floor, International Terminal
  • Counters B13-17 (Monday, Tuesday, and Saturday) or B17-21 (Wednesday, Thursday, and Sunday), 2nd floor, International Terminal
  • Area A or B, 3rd floor, International Terminal
  • Japan Airlines counters, Area H, 3rd floor, Terminal 2
  • From 01OCT 2019, CI and AE Check-in counter will be assigned -J- zone of NRT airport Terminal2 departure lobby till 31MAR 2020.
  • Counter I, north area, 3rd floor, International Terminal
North America
  • Counters A37-A45 of Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT)
  • China Airlines Counters, Terminal 2
  • Counters 51-52
  • China Airlines Counters, Terminal 2
  • Counter 8, Terminal 4
  • International Terminal
  • Counter A-10
  • International Terminal
  • Counters 167-174
  • Departure hall 3
  • Counter 24
  • (Transiting China Airlines passengers can follow the yellow signs to check in at KLM’s transit counter, a China Airlines agency, or check in with KLM or China Airlines staff at the boarding gate 90 minutes before departure.)
  • Departure Lobby D, Terminal 2
  • Terminal 3
  • Counters 111-120, Terminal 1A
  • Check-in area D, South Terminal
  • 4th floor, International Terminal
  • International Terminal - Area B (Counter 26-32)
  • Level 2, International Terminal 1
  • Counters 26-32, Area B, International Terminal
  • Terminal 2 (Int'l Terminal) - the Flight Information Display Screen (FIDS) should list the open Check-in Counters.
  • Counter UA, 1st floor

  • Counter N, Terminal 2
  • Counters 1-12, Area A, Departures floor
  • Counters 01-09, block A, 3rd floor, Terminal 2
  • No. D23-32, Block D, Terminal 3
  • No. 2-12, block M, Terminal 1
  • Counters 16-22, block B, Building A, Terminal 1
  • Counters D1-D6, gate 4, 4th Departures floor, Terminal 3
  • No. 68-79, block G, Terminal 3
  • International Check-In Area C, 2nd Departures floor
  • Counters 83-86
  • Terminal 2
  • Block D
  • Counters 29-37, Departure Lobby, Terminal 1
  • No. 3-8 of counter E, International Check-In Area, 2nd floor, Terminal 3
  • Counters 4-8, International Departure Lobby
  • Counter G, International and Domestic Terminal
  • Counter E24-28, International Terminal
  • Counters 1-4 or 5-8, International Departure Lobby
  • Counters 19,20,22, International Departures Lobby, New Terminal
  • Counters 7-10, International Departure Lobby
  • Island H/G, 4th floor, Terminal 3
  • Terminal 1
  • Counters 101-104, International Departures Lobby
  • Counter 18-24, International Terminal 1
  • Counters 1-9, Area 3B, Terminal 3
  • International Hall-Counter No. 01-08
  • International Departure Check-In Area, Terminal 1
  • Counters 54-60, block C, Terminal 3
  • China Airlines counter, International Check-In Area
  • Check-in block C
  • Counters 11-14
  • Check-In Area A
  • Counters 6-10, Terminal 1


Check-In and Seat Selection

In addition to airport counters, we provide the "Internet e-Check-In" service on our website as well as the "KIOSK Self Check-In" service at the International airports in Taoyuan, Kaohsiung, Songshan, Taichung, Hong Kong, Bangkok, Vancouver, San Francisco, Incheon Seoul, Tokyo Haneda, Tokyo Narita, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Osaka, Okinawa, Frankfurt, Log Angeles, London Gatwick and Shenzhen for your choice. Please note that some airports require earlier check-in. Learning about the check-in requirements will make the boarding process easier for you.

Internet e-Check-In Service

The Internet e-Check-In service helps save time at airports. You can check in via the Internet 1.5 - 48 hours before departure. After checking in, you are provided with options to select your seat. At airports where this service is applicable, you can choose to print the yourself or use the service. This provides a simple procedure and extra functionalities that allow you to save time at airports.

KIOSK Self Check-In

葡京影视A Self Check-In Kiosk enables you to quickly check-in for an international flight with your passport and then select your seat. You can also check-in other passengers who share your booking record.

About Inter Airline Through Check-In

葡京影视When your journey includes airlines having Inter Airline Through Check-In agreement with China Airlines, you can check in for all of your flights at once. If you have any problems with your check-in for connecting flights, please kindly contact airport ground staff for assistance.

China Airlines has Inter Airline Through Check-In agreement with below airlines:

葡京影视American Airlines (AA), Air France (AF), AeroMéxico (AM), Aerolíneas Argentinas (AR), Alaska Airlines (AS), Alitalia (AZ), JetBlue Airways (B6), British Airways (BA), airBaltic (BT), Air China (CA), China Southern (CZ), Delta Airlines (DL), Shanghai Airlines (FM), Garuda Indonesia (GA), Hawaiian Airlines (HA), Hainan Airlines (HU), Hong Kong Airlines (HX), Japan Airlines (JL), Cathay Dragon (KA), Korean Air (KE), KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KL), Kenya Airways (KQ), Swiss International Airlines (LX), Middle East Airlines (ME), XiamenAir (MF), Malaysia Airlines (MH), China Eastern (MU), CSA Czech Airlines (OK), Bangkok Airways (PG), Philippine Airlines (PR), Qantas Airlines (QF), TAROM (RO), Scandinavian Airlines (SK), Brussels Airlines (SN), Aeroflot (SU), Saudia (SV), United Airlines (UA), Air Europa (UX), Vietnam Airlines (VN), Virgin America (VX), WestJet (WS).

Manual Check-In Counter

You are welcome to perform check-in with the help of our friendly staff members all over the world. To protect your rights and interests, please make sure that your baggage is checked for the correct flight and destination and that your baggage IDs are the same as those on your receipt.

Seat Selection

葡京影视After air tickets are booked or issued 90 days before the scheduled departure time, premium business-class/business-class passengers, premium economy-class passengers, and most economy-class passengers can apply the "Seat Selection" function on the China Airlines website to select seats. Seat selection is unavailable for some economy-class passengers. The seat you select will be reserved 60 minutes before the scheduled departure time.

Although we will make every effort to satisfy your seating request, we reserve the right to assign or reassign seats without prior notice due to operation restrictions or other reasons. For more information on seat selection, please contact ourbooking department. 

Please be informed that starting from June 15, 2018, check-in counter for all CI/AE operating flights (excluding CI/AE code-share flights operated by other code-share partner carriers) and IT129/CI8609 international flights at Taoyuan airport will be closed 60 minutes prior to departure.
葡京影视 Passengers with a seat reservation will be released 80 minutes prior to departure.

Exit Seat Regulations

葡京影视In order to comply with flight safety regulations and ensure cabin safety, the following passengers are not allowed to sit beside emergency exit doors:

  • Pregnant women or passengers with serious illnesses, poor physical condition, or poor mobility
  • Passengers under the age of 15
  • Passengers who are unable to understand the cabin’s safety alerts or deliver emergency evacuation instructions to other passengers
  • Blind or visual impaired passengers
  • Deaf or hearing impaired passengers
  • Passengers with language barriers who are unable to help others evacuate
  • Passengers with children
  • Deportees and their escorts
  • Passengers with service animals (such as seeing-eye dogs)
  • Passengers with carry-on baggage
  • Passengers who may be injured while performing obligations

葡京影视If you are assigned a seat beside an emergency exit door when checking in at the counter, please do the following when an emergency occurs and the crew members are unable to offer assistance:

  • Locate the emergency exit door.
  • Identify the emergency exit door's opening mechanism and learn the procedure for opening it.
  • Follow the cabin crew’s verbal instructions, gestures, and actions to help the passengers on board to prepare for evacuation.
  • After removing the emergency exit door, place it properly so that it does not get in the way.
  • Please check whether the slide is usable and after fixing the slide help the other passengers quickly evacuate. (not applicable for window exits or aircraft without slides)
  • Select a safe path to evacuate the plane.

If you are unable or unwilling to provide the aforementioned assistance, please notify our check-in staff or the cabin crew immediately. We will arrange another seat for you.

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