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Explore Cebu, Philippines

Still thinking of where to go for 2020 holiday?

    Why not treat yourself with a relaxing holiday to Cebu with China Airlines of Taiwan.

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    Sydney sales end 15Jan20

    Brisbane sales end 16Feb20

    Melbourne sales end 27Feb20

    Business class return:

    Sydney from AUD$3002

    葡京影视Brisbane from AUD$3245

    Melbourne from AUD$3291

    Premium Economy class return:

    Sydney from AUD$1496

    葡京影视Brisbane from AUD$1701

    Melbourne from AUD$1591

    Economy class return:

    Sydney from AUD$631

    Brisbane from AUD$678

    Melbourne from AUD$701

    葡京影视Sydney (SYD)

    Cebu (CEB)

    From AUD$631*

    葡京影视Brisbane (BNE)

    Cebu (CEB)

    葡京影视From AUD$678*

    葡京影视Melbourne (MEL)

    Cebu (CEB)

    From AUD$701*

    Terms and Conditions

    1. Applicable departure dates Sydney:
      Economy class28Mar20-07Apr20; 14Apr20-01Jul20; 07Jul20-22Sep20; 27Sep20-10Dec20; 01Jan21; 06Jan21-10Jan21
      Premium Economy and Business class 28Mar20-12Dec20; 25Dec20-10Jan21

    2. Applicable departure dates Brisbane:
      Economy class12Apr20-24Jun20; 30Jun20-30Sep20
      Premium Economy and Business class28Mar20-30Sep20

    3. Applicable departure dates Melbourne:
      Economy class09Apr20-18Jun20; 01Jul20-14Sep20; 21Sep-30Nov20; 25Dec20-20Feb21
      Premium Economy and Business class29Mar20-12Dec20; 25Dec20-20Feb21

    4. Eligibility: Tickets purchase through China Airlines website only
    5. All segments of the ticket must be flights operated by China Airlines/Mandarin Airlines (Codeshare flight excluded).
    6. Selected fares are subject to limited seat availability and might not be applicable on all flights and/or dates.
    7. Fares, taxes, fees, surcharges and rules are subject to change without notice. Please refer to the “Purchase Condition” before purchasing the ticket.
    8. To comply with visa rules, passengers must obtain onward or return ticket.
    9. Please refer "baggage and optional charges" for China Airlines’ regulation on baggage allowance.
    10. Please refer to mileage rules for the flight mileage credit for each booking class code.
    11. China Airlines reserves the right to modify and interpret or the rights and interests of terminating the sales terms without prior notice.
    12. For enquiry, please contact our Customer Service Hotline 1300 668 052