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Enjoy a Complete Tokyo Experience
Tokyo is the perfect place for fun and shopping. Once you've arrived in Tokyo, it's impossible to leave empty-handed. Visitors can shop at 100-yen stores or the trendy Omotesandō for quality local or world-class products. Other super popular items that you shouldn't miss include Japanese anime and manga, games, CDs, and electronics. From large shopping malls to department stores, you'll find everything you could possibly want and more. With countless hot brands to shop from, your only regret will be that your wallet isn't deep enough. Whenever you feel tired or hungry from shopping, there are more delicacies from all over the world than you could ever eat. You can choose from popular restaurants always lined with crowds, or century-old eateries specializing in food from the Edo period. From reasonably priced ramen noodles to top-grade sushi, how are you going to formulate your plan of attack, and what are you in the mood for?
In addition to shopping and enjoying delicious food, Tokyo is also a great city for family fun! With the largest Disney Resort in Asia as well as the biggest zoo in Japan, from amusement parks filled with adorable cartoon characters to futuristic science halls, Tokyo is an enormous paradise for children. Kids can enjoy unlimited fun while being inspired to learn. Of course, Tokyo is also the perfect place for studying architecture. With continuous rebuilding and development, the city's skyline keeps changing in the blink of an eye. From fancy boutique flagship stores and housing complexes to museums, the meticulously conserved traditional architecture and the juxtaposition of new and old classics creates an amazingly attractive landscape.
If you come to "downtown" Tokyo, you'll come across old alleys and temples from the Edo period; the unique traditional atmosphere will make you feel as if time has stopped. Everything has been quietly preserved, exuding a unique traditional air. From historic shops to temples, modern art to classical Japanese culture, Edo-style gardens to flower viewing spots, different characteristics are showcased as the seasons change; the beauty of nature and culture is truly worth savoring.
The Bold Characteristics of Osaka, the Kitchen of Kansai
Since ancient times, Osaka (Ōsaka) has been an important economic and culture center of the Kansai region. In addition to actively driving the prosperity in the region, the thriving local businesses have also welcomed in different cultures. This in turn has enriched the local cuisine, earning the name "the Kitchen of Kansai". If you're in the mood for some delicious food, Dōtonbori is the place to be. You will discover many mouth-watering delicacies such as takoyaki, okonomiyaki, ramen, sushi, udon, and tecchiri.
Besides great food, there are also plenty of other places to visit and shop, such as the always exciting Shinsaibashi, Dōtonbori, and Namba Center-gai Shopping Street. You will be amazed at the giant and colorful signs vendors use to draw your attention, such as the giant mechanical crab at the Kanihonke seafood restaurant, and the Cui Daore-taro drumming manikin. Especially in the Ebisubashi region, the walls of the buildings are full of enormous neon signs; as soon as the sun sets, the streets are lit up bright as day. This is not only the most visible landmark for the Dōtonbori region, it is also Osaka's most representative night scene.
To tourists from Taiwan, Osaka isn't as distinctive as Tokyo, Kyoto, or Hokkaido. That's because Osaka is a friendly and open city that welcomes everything and everyone. Whether it's the food, shopping, businesses, history, culture or the kind people of Osaka, they all encourage travelers to let go and enjoy the journey.
Fashionable and Trendy Seoul
You can always find the hottest products as well as the latest beauty and cosmetic trends in Seoul, the glittering and cosmopolitan capital of South Korea. It is also the birthplace of Korean culture, such as the hanjeungmak (Korean traditional sauna) and Korean cuisine. In this immensely modernized metropolis with gleaming skyscrapers, the remains of age-old structures left behind by ancient dynasties allow visitors to experience a different type of culture shock. At the same time, the Seoul Metropolitan Subway system is extremely convenient; it is the best form of transportation for visitors.
Dongdaemun Market, famous for wholesale clothing; the Hongdae and Ewha Woman's University areas, full of shopping and delicious food; Myeongdong, a hot shopping district focused on youth fashions; and Sinsa-dong/Apgujeong-dong, Seoul's boutique fashion districts, are all popular shopping spots. In terms of cultural attractions, visitors can tour the Gyeongbokgung Palace and the Changgyeong Palace, as well as Insa-dong, the best place to experience traditional Korean culture. There is also the Namsangol Hanok Village, where the old ways of life come alive, to gain a deeper understanding of Korea's ancient culture. If you'd like to see a different side of Seoul, why not take a tour of Yeouido Island or Namsan Seoul Tower to enjoy a relaxing and romantic atmosphere.
There are obvious reasons why Seoul has maintained its charm. In addition to the main driving force at the beginning, Korean dramas, many other fantastic works have been produced here in recent years. This has continued to compel die-hard fans to visit their favorite shooting locations in person. What's more important is that the city itself possesses plenty of attraction. Not only does the subway system reach every corner of the metropolitan area, tourist spots are also concentrated in specific areas. Whenever you're feeling a bit tired from shopping, you can find tasty delicacies everywhere you go. After experiencing first-hand what Seoul has to offer, visitors fall deeply in love with the city, and can't wait to go back.









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