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Explore Now! The Wonderland of Asia

China Airlines x Japanese Photographer Kengo Kobayashi, take you to the wonderland of Asia: Taiwan

Kengo Kobayashi

In his pursuit to experience the world's heritage, photographer and traveler Kengo Kobayashi has visited over 25 countries.
After being totally amazed by Taiwan's beauty and cultural offering during a visit in 2016, he decided to stay. With its iconic natural scenery, rich history and bountiful gourmet food, this island is undoubtedly the wonderland of Asia.
China Airlines invites you to view the beauty of this stunning island through the eyes of photographer Kengo Kobayashi.

★ Mountains to Make the Imagination Run Wild

Sacred Mother Trail

Have you ever seen a dessert this big? I bet you haven't!
The Sacred Mother Trail is composed of two parts. This first, on the front, is an industrial road that links Wufengqi Waterfall to TungTien Bridge. The trail begins after passing TungTien Bridge, where you will be astonished by this lavish feast of nature. Stepping out of the forest, the majestic Wufengqi Mountain unfolds before your eyes: the layers of ridges covered in dark green look just like a "Matcha Mountain" from a distance. Formed by the extraordinary power of nature, this mountain cannot fail to impress. Why not take China Airlines and come taste the dessert mountain?
Transportation: Take a bus or train to Jiaoxi Station, then take the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle and get off at Wufengqi Scenic Area.

Mt. Hehuan Main Peak Trail (Maya Main Peak Platform)

Here, you can reach for the stars!
Located on the main peak of Hehuan Mountain, Maya Platform offers a stunning view. The name Maya originated from its similar appearance to the Maya Temple. With no light pollution, Maya Platform is also famous for being the highest stargazing spot in Eastern Asia. Maya Platform presents its distinct charm at different times of the day: sunrise and sunset during the day and a starry sky at night.
In just one place, you can see the earth bathed in the gold of the sunrise and surrounded by the Milky Way — a magical moment you can't see in the city. Next time, come visit and wish upon a star.
Transportation: Take the High Speed Rail to Taichung Station, then take the bus and get off at Puli Station. Then get on the Qingjing Farm Shuttle to Qingjing Farm Station, and take the bus for Wuling and get off at Hehuan Mountain Station.

★ Wonders of Nature

Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes

Can you imagine desert and ocean all in one place?
Set on the northern shore of Taoyuan, Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes is the most complete "desert" along Taiwan's coast. This mysterious work of nature is sculpted by the river and wind. Standing on the sand dunes, you can look out over Taiwan Strait while surrounded by windmills; such contrasting images in the same view are a sight to behold. Wait until sunset, when the desert is painted orange and images are carved into the sand by the wind.
This diverse scenery will not only broaden your horizon but also open up your imagination.
Transportation: Take a taxi from Taoyuan International Airport to Guanyin Caota Sand Dunes.

Gaomei Wetland

Imagine a mirror full of sky beneath your feet.
This mirror is home to countless species of wildlife. Here, you can find up to 120 distinct types of migrating birds, along with the bird lovers who come from far and wide to watch them and take pictures with their cameras. As this is one of the most important wildlife protection areas, many fish and crab species live and breed in this wetland. The mirror also changes its color according to the sky and the sun, turning either bright yellow or purplish-orange at sunset. If you're lucky enough, you might also see the famous "Fire clouds". Gaomei Wetland not only presents the vitality of nature, but also inspires imagination. Grab your camera and come visit!
Transportation: Take the train to Taichung Station, then take the bus to Gaomei Wetland Station.

★ The Beauty of Magical Forests

Nantou Lotus Forest

This fairy-tale scene is located in a forest at an altitude of 6,562 feet (2,000 meters). A high mountain bog formed in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake of September 21, 1999 — a landslide altered drainage patterns, forming a small lake and drowning part of the existing forest. The scenery here changes with the seasons. After significant rainfall, you will see a unique scene of dead trees standing in the mist, like a magical creature might appear at any time. During the dry season, you will be able to explore deeper, and see how the darkness breeds rare plants that don't photosynthesize. A secret spot far away from the city, this place is also called "The Worry-Free Forest". Come along and find out if it's true!
Transportation: Take the High Speed Rail to Taichung Station, then the Taiwan Tourist Shuttle to Xitou Station. Finally, take the local bus and get off at the Nantou Lotus Forest Station.

Sicao Green Tunnel

This Green Tunnel is formed from mangroves.
In the city, we are surrounded by concrete with hardly any greenery. Yet here at Sicao, you will be surrounded by mangroves, reflecting on the river and forming an evergreen tunnel. Take a bamboo raft down the river, where you will see fiddler crabs, ghost crabs and mudskippers along the riverbank — not to mention the egrets that also breed here. This journey takes less than 30 minutes, but you will witness the magic of Mother Nature and be completely surrounded by greenery. The next time you visit Tainan for the food, don't forget to arrange this outdoor adventure as well.
Transportation: Take the High Speed Rail to Tainan Station, then take the High Speed Rail Shuttle to Tayih Landis Hotel Station. Finally, take a local bus and get off at Sicao Station.

★ Stories Weaved Throughout History


This mountain city used to be full of gold!
Jiufen was once a famous gold mine full of miners and gold-rushers. It eventually turned into a city with streets that look like they were plucked straight from the pages of history. Now, the city's layers of stone stairs and colorful buildings paint a vibrant picture. Remember to come with an empty stomach so you can try all the local Taiwanese specialties, such as the chewy Ba Wan, fish balls and taro balls. Also drop by one of the teahouses to enjoy afternoon tea and pastries. Feel all your troubles fade away as the sea breeze brushes past your face. Wait until dark and marvel at the lights that trace along the road, following the mountain ridges down to the boats by the shore. If you're looking for a place with both liveliness and tranquility in equal measure, come and lose yourself in this golden city.
Transportation: Take the train to Ruifang Station, then take the bus heading to Jiufen Street.

Hunglodei FuDe Temple

This temple of fortune and peace is located on top of the hill.
Built in the Qianlong Dynasty, the famous Hunglodei temple is also known for its traditional architecture. Be prepared to be totally amazed by the brightly colored roof. Upon entering the temple, you will see a 6'6" (2-meter) village deity statue. Remember to touch his shoe-shaped gold ingot for good fortune — a gesture that is believed to be highly effective. Also pay attention to the walls, pillars, ceilings and beams inside, as they were all carefully crafted with exquisite details. Finally, take home a lucky charm as a souvenir to bring you good luck.
Transportation: Take Taipei MRT to Nanshijiao Station, then take the local bus to Hunglodei.

★ A Food-Lovers Fantasy of Local Gourmet Treats

Mango Flaked Ice

You can taste the passion and diversity of Taiwan in every bite. Each spoonful of ice gives you a warm, fluffy feeling inside.
Mango, one of Taiwan's most well-known fruits, is famous for its delicious sweet taste. Juicy mango cubes are accompanied by soft, homemade ice cream. A drizzle of handmade mango syrup finishes this multi-layered delight, where you get three textures in one spoon.
This iced treat is not only eye-catching but extremely delicious too. Fulfill your tropical fruit fantasy: Come to its home, Taiwan, and taste it for yourself!
Transportation: Take the Kaohsiung MRT from Kaohsiung International Airport to Houyi Station. Take the local bus to Da Fung 1st Street, then it's a 2-minute walk.

Ningxia Night Market

Hidden during the day, this must-see gourmet hotspot bursts into life at night!
Night markets are the place where the Taiwanese show their love for food and showcase their creativity. You can find local treats and cutting-edge delicacies. You might wish you had more than one stomach! Delicacies on offer include pig-liver soup made using a 60-year-old recipe and Hakka Mochi with its own rich history dating back 50 years. Yolk pastries and taro pie are also popular treats — and they are recommend by the Michelin Bib Gourmand. You will also find foods such as grilled sausages, rice balls, oyster pancakes, tofu pudding, Gua bao and fried chicken fillets to name but a few. There's something for everyone, with savory, sweet, soft, crunchy, silky and smooth treats all in one place. Here, you can eat everything you like from street to street. Vendors gather at night and vanish by day — almost as if they were never there at all. Want to taste it again? Come back again tonight!
Transportation: Take the Taipei MRT to Shuanglian Station, then it's an 8-minute walk to reach the night market.

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